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April 28, 2010 22:131 comment

Irish Aid has a long tradition of supporting Irish NGOs and Missionaries, as well as civil society committed to continuing to support civil society organizations as partners in the attainment of the Millenium Declaration and associate goals for poverty reduction, and in the protection and promotion of human rights.

As a measure to support the implementation of the policy, Irish Aid is seeking applications for one round of funding in 2010 under the Civil Society Fund.

Focus of work: the agency must be engaged in poverty reduction, development and/or human rights promotion in the lower income or least developed countries, or in geographical areas within countries which have low human development indicators and a high incidence of poverty.

The deadline for completed applications is 11th June 2010

maria lucilia freire

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    Cherish Others Organization, , a local NGO is based in TransMara and Nairobi , Kenya . Cherish Others challenges the outdated tradition of Female Genital Mutilation which perpetuates marginalization of women by conducting campaigns against FGM as well as mentoring young girls for professional development. Cherish Others also seeks to improve the impoverished livelihoods of the target communities by accessing technologies and inputs that enhance food security in order for the families to be able to fund the education of the girls and do away with FGM for the girls for sole purpose of creating wealth.
    Kindly consider this email as a request for partnership with your organization to run any or some of the programs as outlined below
    Briefly, the Activity Focus as indicated below:
     HIV/AIDS Awareness advocacy, prevention and management
     Championing for girl child rights and education including Female Genital Mutilation
     Violence against women
     Providing Information Education and communication on gender issues, harmful traditional practices, hygiene, nutrition, family planning and responsible parenthood, in order to promote knowledge and better understanding of the girl child, the youth and women in the community
     Orphan and vulnerable children care and support
     Institutional capacity building

    Ruth Konchellah

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