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Access to the Funding Opportunities Database is FREE again.

Dear NNA Funding Opportunities Database Users,

After a Survey that took place in due time, and according to the results of a majority accepting a small subscription fee, on the Access to the Funding Opportunities Database, 5US$ only, we have implemented that option.

But since then, of more than 1500 new registered users, only 3 (three) have succeeded to make the payment of the subscription value.

After some inquiries, we came to the conclusion that the problem was the access to a PayPal account or Credit Card.

Therefore, and as we do not want to limit access to Funding Opportunities so drastically, it was decided to reverse the situation immediately and the Access to the Funding Opportunities Database is FREE again.

Meanwhile, the 3 users who made the payment, have already been refunded by their respective value.

Our apologies for any problems caused.

Best Regards



  1. How can we obtain funding / grants for our projects in Cameroon W Africa. Our organisation name is Tcafrica non profit/ NGO .


    Good day, I am looking for supporters for our upcoming 5th Botswana Alternative Mining Forum billed for the 11th and 12th October 2017. The forum serves as a platform where inhabitants hosting mines, private sector and government converge to share their challenges in the extractives sector.

    Should you need more information and or further clarity on the above mentioned matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Looking forward for a positive feedback.


  3. How do i find funders for our community based projects in Northern Uganda?

  4. John Balla Marah

    How can we get funding support for our adolescent girls project in vocational skills training for increased employment, reduced gender based and domestic violence against women and children, increased literacy among the children especially the girls in the rural communities of Falaba district in Sierra Leone

  5. Karim Vandi Coker

    how can i access funding for organization in Sierra Leone?

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