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Funding Opportunities Database Access

Dear Funding Opportunities Database users,

First of all, we want to thank for the extraordinary response from your side, with a medium of 16 New Registration Users per day. Wow!

Second, we thank you as well your answers to the Online Survey that was available on the website.

Enormous feed-back, and the results are as follows:

1. The success of the access, to registered users, to the Funding Opportunities Database, on latest times, has obliged us to increase, for several times, the power of the Server where the NGO News Africa website is hosted.

Question: is your organization, available to support, with a small amount of money the NGO News Africa Funding Opportunities Database, and connected functionalities, to have a guaranty of its sustainability?

We need urgently to increase the response power of the website, due the astonishing adherence to visit the website, and mainly to consult the Funding Opportunities Database; we want to implement as well other functionalities.

54% of the users that answered the Survey are willing to pay a year fee, and the most voted (34%) is to pay 5 US$/year

2. Do you think it was useful the inclusion, on NGO News Africa website, the access to a Database with the current Funding Opportunities, for Sub-Saharan African Countries?

Yes – 84%
No – 9%
No answer – 7%

3. Do you think it will be useful to have the Support, via NGO News Africa website, of a team of Volunteers, to help you, in order to present Candidatures to Funding Opportunities, from the conception of the projects to be implemented, candidature wording and respective Budget and Business plan, and related matters: legal, sustainability, follow-up and reporting…

Yes – 81%
No – 2%
No answer – 13%

4. Do you think it will be useful, for your organization, to include on the website a Functionality, that will help you to find the right partners, for your projects (Forum, Database…)?

Yes – 85%
No – 4%
No answer – 11%

According to these results we will start immediatly the implementation of the described functionalities.

Our kind regards for your cooperation

NGO NEWS Africa Team

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