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Cardiologist calls on public to report disease conditions on time – Ghana

Dr. Conrad Deckor, a Cardiologist at the Kwesimintsim Hospital in the Western Region on Thursday asked Ghanaians not to take disease conditions for granted but report early warning signs for prompt medical attention.

He has also warned against the wrong usage of drugs, abuse of herbal medicine and alcohol indulgence which he said put lots of strain on the kidney and therefore affects its proper functioning.

Dr. Deckor who is also the Ghanaian Representative for the Alpha and Omega Heart Foundation in New York, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that kidney diseases were increasing in the country due to the sedentary lifestyle of most Ghanaians, coupled with other bad health care practices.

He mentioned that hypertension and diabetes if not well managed could also result in kidney problems, adding that heart related conditions also present kidney diseases.

Dr. Deckor explained that infection was a major cause of the disease and that urinal tract infections if not properly taken care of could also result in the condition.

The Cardiologist mentioned some signs of the kidney diseases as pains in the rib which corresponds with the kidney, general pains and prostate enlargement.

There are other laboratory diagnoses which may be conducted but usually at the end stage of the disease dialysis was needed, he added.

Dr. Deckor advised people with hypertension and diabetes to control their pressure and sugar levels adding, “Don’t go to any quack facilities to check your pressure… Do you know if the machine is calibrated or working well.”

Source: Cardiologist calls on public to report disease conditions on time – BusinessGhana News | General

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