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FOSDA calls for greater participation of women in governance – Ghana

The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) has called on the government to at least, fulfil its manifesto promise to appoint 30 per cent women into government positions to promote peace and development.

According to the Foundation, women’s direct and comprehensive participation in the governance of the nation at both local and national levels has positive security implications.  Ms Afi Yakubu, the Executive Director of FOSDA, made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday in Accra in commemoration of this year’s International Women’s Day on the theme: “Be bold for Change.”

She explained that given the role of women in the social and economic fibre of the Ghanaian society, it was only fair that women were equally represented in decisions making ranks to ensure that their needs were  catered for in developmental projects and socio-economic policies.

Ms Yakubu said according to the national population census of 2010, women head about one third of households in Ghana, which placed them in very influential roles.  “Improved socio-economic status of women will mean same for their children, impacting positively on waywardness and all its accompanying security threats,” she stated.

She noted that women also had subtle influence on their husbands and sons and would be more respected if their socio-economic circumstances also improve.  “It is time to give gender equality a meaningful reality in our body politic,” she said.  She said this government must continuously prove that it was not paying lip service to women participation; adding: “It has to be evident in every action and initiate government takes.”

  “Women must also continuously make their voices heard, hold government responsible and take bold steps to participate actively in the governance of our dear country Ghana,” said Ms Yakubu.

Source: FOSDA calls for greater participation of women in governance – BusinessGhana News | General

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