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NGO – Wisdom Together


We aim to contribute to a world of wisdom in which individuals, businesses and societies promote and sustain the wellbeing of all.

We inspire and enable people to foster conscious organizations and societies.

We design experiences to all elements of our human consciousness and compassion.

We connect and support individuals and organizations to build a global movement of collective wisdom.



Wisdom is a deep, inner knowledge, connected with the source of life. Wisdom is the language of your heart – honest, free, the highest truth. In this space, there is no right or wrong – just a deep understanding of our existence. Wisdom is love combined with intelligence, compassion and freedom. Wisdom is life!

Our story

With rapidly mounting challenges in the social, economic and environmental sectors, there is presently no flexible yet overarching platform to host dialogues, transformation and change-initiatives embracing a holistic perspective.

Wisdom Together is closing this gap and connects to ethical leadership and a conscious way of living.

We deeply believe that consciousness and ethical leadership are fundamental for global transformation. Conscious leaders have high levels of awareness, and act with compassion to share their knowledge, network and experience with others.

They lead from an inner source of wisdom and authentic power, and can be found in any position in our societies.

Our work

We bring our Vision to life through four key initiatives:

CONFERENCES & TALKS to get inspired

Wisdom Conferences open dialogues, share global business & science experiences connecting you with other conscious leaders. Wisdom Talks bring you every 6-8 weeks that same spirit and thought-nudge to your local communities.


A unique curriculum that combines cognitive, experiential and embodied learning to acquire the skills to become wellbeing change agent.


Coaching to catalyse and enable sustainable change and ethics in organizations. Access consulting services with expert practitioners who will work with you to facilitate change within your organization.


Whatever we do, our experiences focus on all elements of our human consciousness:

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