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Harmattan Conditions to improve – Ghana

From the middle of this week, which is tomorrow, hazy weather conditions are expected to improve. This means there would be better visibility and more atmospheric moisture than there was during the hamattan period.

Mr. Michael Padi,  Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, said this to the Ghana News Agency in an interview.  He said there would also be isolated thunderstorms in coastal areas of the country, especially in the afternoons, adding that though hazy or harmattan conditions would persist along the coast, it would not be as severe as before. “There would be a slight moisture intrusion from the sea from the middle of this week, which would lead to the thunder-storms,” he said.

The Senior Meteorologist said whilst the harmattan would not immediately end completely and would from time to time show up, it would not be as severe and persistent as before.

Explaining the sudden intensification of harmattan conditions which has been experienced in the country for the past week, Mr. Padi said the harmattan season had reached its peak. He said the next stage was however a gradual decline.  He said the case would however not be the same for the northern part of the country, adding that with Northern Ghana, the harmattan would persist.

Mr. Padi said the harmattan season was however expected to be over within the entire country by February.

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