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‘Free education will relieve Ghanaians of stress’

The inauguration of the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was met with wild jubilation across the country.

At Accra New Town, popularly known as Lagos Town, the jubilation started immediately after the President took the oath of allegiance with the enthused crowd claded in party colours massing up in the streets drinking, drumming and dancing.

A trader at the Malam Atta market, Mrs Ann Sowah, said she was glad that Nana Akufo-Addo had finally been sworn in as the new President and that Ghanaians would be waiting to see if he would  fulfil the promises he made.

She added that she was much concerned with the issue of free education as that would relieve her of the stress  she had to go through to pay her children’s school fees.

‘’I am a single parent and will be glad if school fees are made affordable for our children,’’ she said.

Maturity of former President

Mrs Sowah further added that she was grateful to former President John Mahama for his maturity in accepting defeat and making peace to prevail during the elections.

‘’ We are happy for his maturity and we are happy for all he has done for Ghana during his reign,’’ she said.

For his part, Mr Samuel Opoku, a student, said he believed in the new administration and that the President has all it takes to lead a nation and that he believed Ghana would change for the better.

‘’All we need is change and we have it now,’’ he said.

Job opportunitiesHe added that the new administration should  ensure that life becomes bearable for Ghanaians by  creating  job opportunities for the youth to reduce the crime rate among them in the country.

He also congratulated former President Mahama, on his contribution to national development and added that the nation would remember him for his achievements  and leading the way of peace for Africa and the world at large.He further pleaded with the ministers who would be appointed to work with the President to refrain from selfish acts in order for them to achieve the goals set for the betterment of the nation.‘’ All I am praying for is unity among the officials,’’ he said.

Source: ‘Free education will relieve Ghanaians of stress’ – BusinessGhana News | Politics

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