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Giving back to the poor

KWACARE, an NGO in Pinetown in partnership with Woolworths Pavilion and uShaka Marine World, recently gave 46 children a Christmas party to remember.

The children brought to uShaka were students who form part of the KwaCare Education Programme, either orphans or highly vulnerable children living in impoverished homes, with some living in child-headed households.KwaCare’s managing director Lauren Du Randt said: “Through this project, we help them go to school by covering their school fees, uniforms, stationery, transport, and other schooling costs. We also run a mentorship programme for them, covering a wide range of relevant topics, equipping them with practical life skills as well as motivation to work hard, complete their schooling and have hope for their future.

”With Christmas being the season of giving, every year KwaCare go the extra mile to host a Christmas Party for the kids on this programme – giving them a day of fun and joy to look forward to.

Through the good work that KwaCare does, uShaka Marine World wanted to give back and get involved in this Christmas Party as part of their CSI contribution, and offered tickets for the children to enjoy Sea World and Wet ‘n Wild for the day. Woolworths Pavilion contributed lunch for the children as well as had each staff member “adopt- a- child” and purchase a gift for one child to enjoy.Founded in 1995, KwaCare is a registered non-profit-organisation that works primarily in the impoverished township community of KwaDabeka, where more than 100 000 people live, many of whom are poverty-stricken.

“We work to help some of the poorest and most vulnerable people – orphans, single parents, youth, widows and the elderly, people who are sick or disabled and victims of rape and abuse. Our programmes assist them through food security, access to education, youth empowerment, skills development and support services for victims of rape and trauma.

“Our vision is to see our community transformed where families no longer live in poverty, but are able to provide for themselves and look to the future with hope. Our short term goal is to meet some of the immediate physical needs of socially and economically vulnerable people by meeting their needs in practical and relevant ways.“In the long term we will work to resolve the causes of poverty, thereby alleviating its impact in people’s lives.

“Some of our other projects include: providing monthly food parcels for some of the most impoverished and vulnerable families in the community. We also run school soup kitchens providing meals for children who don’t get enough to eat at home, thereby helping them to concentrate on their school work.

”For more information, email Lauren on or phone 076 824 4039 or visit

Source: Giving back to the poor | News24

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