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Funding Opportunities / Grants Database updated everyday

The Funding Opportunities / Grants database is update everyday. Do not forget to return regularly to the website and search for funds for your projects.

Another important point, use the “Comments” to ask for Support or  Partnership.

NGO News Africa has thousands of followers all around the world, but after the starting this online service that allows the search of existing founds on a Database, we are receiving a media of 8 New Users / Day.

Thanks for showing us that we are on the correct path.

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  1. Hello
    We involved at supporting women vulnerable children and people with disabilities
    Am asking for grants/funds concerns to the targeted groups we dealing for.
    Hope much support from you,

    • If not yet registered as a user of, please do it; after login to the website, Click on “Grants Database”, and on the top of the new window and on a text-box near to “Search” type the word or words of the topics you are looking for, and press ENTER, or click on the “Magnifying” small button after the text-box. Then will have a list of Funding Opportunities according to your search.

      If you any more help please contact us.


  2. Somaliland social organization

    In academic writing we often use words which we might not know from daily life. A good example of this is ‘implicit’ and ‘explicit’: commonly found in a variety of academic fields, yet not terms you’d use that often when hanging out with friends!
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    Implicit (Expressed Indirectly)

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    C. S. Lewis implicitly advocates Islamic in his writing.
    Similarly, when we refer to ‘implicit’ knowledge, we’re discussing things that we understand without necessarily being aware:
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    Explicit (Clearly Stated)

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  3. I work for Afro-Canadian Evenglical Mission which operates in South Sudan we involve in supporting the most vulnarable Children Food security,WASH, Vet,Nutrition protection as wel, we seek partnership support to champion our work.

  4. John Balla Marah

    My organization is in Sierra Leone. I am requesting for funding to support disabled children attend school

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