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2017 Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation in Uganda


Deadline: 12 January 2017
Principal Office: Uganda
The U.S. Embassy in Uganda is seeking applicants for its 2017 Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation. Successful proposals identify one-time of recurring projects that assist the people of Uganda in preserving their cultural heritage.

Focus Areas

Cultural Sites—Includes (but not limited to) historic buildings and sites, sacred places, monuments, and archaeological sites
Cultural Objects and Collections from a museum, site, or similar institution and includes archaeological and ethnographic objects, paintings, sculpture, manuscripts, photographic and film collections, and general museum conservation activities
Forms of Traditional Cultural Expression includes traditional music, rituals, knowledge, languages, dance, drama, and crafts

Funding Information

Grants typically range from US$10,000-$200,000.

Assessment Criteria

Proposals must address all of the following criteria:

A description of the project and participants, including the time frame for completion.
An indication of the importance of the cultural or sacred site, object/collection, or form of expression.
All should be of relevance to Uganda.
An indication of the urgency of the project.
An assessment of the impact of the U.S. contribution to the preservation project.
A detailed budget showing expenditure of funds.
Recipient information including resumes of project director and professional staff
Official permission to undertake the project
An indication of other funding sources, if any. (Note: strong encouragement is given to local cost-sharing including support in-kind.)
At least 3 digital images (JPEGs) or audiovisual files of the site, object, or form of expression to be addressed in the proposed project

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit their proposals via post or email at the address given on the website.

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  1. I am part of film making company (Nabwiso Films) and would like to know if the American embassy can partner with us towards the production a cultural film project about the origins of ugadan tribes/cultures which we are Developing. A detailed synopsis and treatment of the film project can be shared on request.


  2. thanks will be submitting
    in bit

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