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Scottish Government – International Development Small Grants 2017


Deadline: 28 November 2016
Principal Office: UK
The Scottish Government’s International Development Small Grants Programme provides project funding in support of the government`s International Development Policy. Applications for grants are invited from incorporated not-for-profit organisations which have a presence in Scotland and an annual turnover of less than £150 thousand. The priority countries are: Bangladesh, India (states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Orissa), Malawi, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia. Awards are a maximum of £60 thousand for project grants over three years, or a maximum of £10 thousand for feasibility and capacity building grants over one year.
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  1. Conditions that applicants must presence in Scotland may be prohitive for NGOs in Malawi for which we are one. Can you not be flexible to allow NGOs of Malawian origin to apply as well even without Scottish presence which may be difficult to find

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