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DFID Agri-Tech Catalyst: Increasing Agricultural Innovation by Farmers in Developing Countries


Deadline: 26 October 2016
Principal Office: UK
Innovate UK and Department for International Development (DFID) are currently seeking applications for Agri-tech Catalyst funding scheme that helps businesses and researchers commercialise their research and develop innovative solutions to global challenges in the agri-tech sector.

The Agri-Tech Catalyst will take innovative ideas from any sector or discipline. Ideas must show the potential to improve the sustainable intensification of agriculture. The scope of the Catalyst includes:

Primary crop and livestock production including aquaculture
Non-food uses of crops including ornamentals
Food security and nutrition challenges in international development
Addressing challenges in downstream food processing, provided the solution lies in primary production


The aim of this competition is to increase the pace and scale of uptake of agricultural innovation by farmers in developing countries and to achieve:

a sustained reduction of poverty and hunger for smallholder farmers
a sustainable intensification in developing country agriculture
improvements in human health and diversity in diets and nutrition
a positive impact on rural income and food security
opportunities for trade in agricultural products

Funding Information and Project Type

DFID have allocated up to £4 million to fund innovation projects in this competition. Total project costs could be:

£150,000 to £400,000 for early-stage technical feasibility studies
up to £1.5 million for industrial research
up to £800,000 for late-stage experimental development

Priority Areas

Integrating smallholders into supply chains
Meeting quality standards and improving productivity
Creating new supply chains
Increasing the value of production to smallholders
Improving access to appropriate innovation in developing countries
Innovation that increases rural income through improved processing / storage
Control of crop pests, weeds and diseases.

Eligibility Criteria

All projects must be collaborative and include both a UK and eligible developing country partner. To lead a project applicant must:

be a UK-based business (or research-base partner for early-stage technical feasibility studies only)
be a business of any size.
carry out your project with the aim of improving developing country agriculture
work in collaboration with others (businesses, research base and/or third sector)
include at least one consortium member from an eligible developing country – see the competition guidance for details.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can apply via given website.

Eligible Countries

Afghanistan, Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Guinea, Rwanda, Benin, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Somalia, Burma, Kenya, South Africa, Burundi, Kyrgyz Republic, South Sudan, Cambodia, Liberia, Sudan, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Tajikistan, Chad, Malawi, Tanzania, Comoros, Mali, Togo, Congo, Democratic Republic of Mozambique, Uganda, Eritrea, Nepal, Yemen, Ethiopia, Niger, Zambia, Gambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and UK

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