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Fund: Civil Society and Private Sector for Sustainable Development


Deadline: 17 October 2016
Principal Office: FN
The Embassy of Finland in Windhoek is seeking applicants from eligible organizations for its Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) in order to improve the functioning of civil society and capacity of private sector for implementing projects for socio-economically and environmentally sustainable development. The purpose of FLC instrument is twofold:

To improve the functioning of local civil society for implementing target-oriented projects promoting democratic and accountable societies.
To support cooperation between private-sector actors in the host country and Finland that is expected to have positive development impact.
Focus Areas

Enhance democratic participation for enhanced equality.
Promote more dynamic, responsible and inclusive economic growth.
Funding Information

The FLC grants given to for-profit operations of private companies will be less than 200 000 Euros / 3 years / company (so-called de Minimis support).

Eligibility Criteria

The eligible partners must be solely registered as Namibian actors which are established in the host country on an official and permanent basis, target and support benefits of the host country.
The FLC Internal Instructions allow FLC funding to be used for both:
Namibian registered civil society and private sector organizations; Non-governmental organisations; Science and technology communities, Universities and other educational and research institutions; Public bodies and cultural institutions such as museums, libraries and theatres; Independent media; Foundations or religious communities; Chambers of Commerce; Interest groups of companies and employees; Business associations; Organisations engaged in the promotion of export and investment; Trade promotion agencies; Training institutions; Producer cooperatives.
Namibian registered for-profit private companies and business partnerships; Local private companies, businesses, including cooperatives and social enterprises.
How to Apply

Applications and all inquiries should be submitted by email or mail at the address given on the website.

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