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DFID: Countering Illicit Financial Flows, Corruption and Organised Crime in Africa (CIFFs)

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Deadline: 11 October 2016
Principal Office: UK
DFID Southern Africa is looking for a supplier to establish a Project Management Unit (PMU) for a new programme to counter illicit financial flows, corruption and organised crime in Africa.

The Regional Facility for Strengthening Transnational Responses to Countering Illicit Financial Flows, Corruption and Organised Crime in Africa (CIFFs Facility for Africa) will be a five year programme aiming to equip African Governments better to curb illicit outflows of resources and revenue and increase their ability to disrupt transnational corruption and crime. The programme will take a strong development angle.

The facility will use a combination of grant funding and direct technical assistance.

Programme Activities

The main activities will include:

Providing funding, technical and analytical support to stakeholders in Africa in tackling illicit flows and supporting cross-border and transnational initiatives on the African continent to tackle this problem;
Utilising and deploying the expertise of UK Government and other UK experts to assist their counterparts in Africa;
Producing and disseminating research and knowledge to understand better the power relations and political economy drivers of illicit flows, corruption and organised crime;
Supporting peer-to-peer dialogue, policy development and shared technical expertise for reform.
Funds Available

The maximum budget for this programme will be up to £15m.

Eligible Countries

Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland.

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