Investigate Black Monday Activists and NGO’s – Kayihura

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) has said that the black Monday movement and NGO’s need to be investigated to determine how much money they get as opposed to what they are spending.

Kayihura made the remarks while launching the Annual Crime and Traffic/ Road Safety Report 2012. He said that the activists under the Black Monday campaign are not crusaders of Anti- Corruption.


“Those people should be investigated, they may be corrupt, and where do they get money to buy the intercoolers they drive?” he said.

He said that the increase in reported cases of corruption doesn’t necessarily indicate a rise in the incidence of corruption but the confidence of the public in police to deal with corruption.

On the death by mob action which reduced by 31%, he said that it was due to the fact people where beginning to believe in the justice system.

There was also an increase in the rate of detection of offences related to narcotic drug trafficking and abuse. Kayihura attributed this to the increased popular vigilance.

He however decried weak punishments for the offences provided for in the current law and called upon Parliament to pass the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Bill. “The fight against drug trafficking must be taken on like one against HIV/AIDS,” he said.

Defilement and gender related offences remained high which the IGP described as unacceptable. He said that there were reasons to believe that the crime is more serious since many of the defilement cases are not reported to the police.

He further said that the police is in advanced stages of expanding and transforming the child and family unit into a center for prevention of gender- based violence especially violence against women and girls.

The number of deaths and injuries due to accidents remained high but the cases of accidents reduced by 11% from the previous year. The traffic police which was a department has now been elevated to a full directorate.

Kayihura said that this would give it more autonomy and access to more resources to build specialized departments. He also announced that they have added 400 traffic police officers.

By Stephen Kafeero

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