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Mzumbe Launches Programme for Locals to Manage Big Projects

MZUMBE University, in collaboration with a Brazilian-based institute, ISAE, has inaugurated a new academic programme that seeks to empower Tanzanians to efficiently manage big projects in the country.

The course, the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative, seeks to help Tanzanians manage huge projects starting in the country, especially now that the economy is booming.

The varsity’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof Joseph Kuzilwa, said when inaugurating the course in Dar es Salaam yesterday that it was the first course of its kind in the country.

“Our economy is now growing fast and there are huge international projects starting here… we want to train Tanzanians so they can manage them and become participants and not mere observers in the process,” he said.

He identified eligible students as people dealing with such projects from government agencies, ministries, companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the rest of Tanzanians interested in acquiring such knowledge.

He said students will acquire quality knowledge that will empower them manage international projects by the two organisations and that Mzumbe would be monitoring their performance at their workplace afterwards.

He noted that the course was very crucial in the country and the region at large because it will make the beneficiaries be at par with foreign experts in terms of knowledge when managing huge projects.

“They will be able to plan big international projects, enter into agreements, procure and better manage them,” he said, adding that this was one of the secrets that made Brazil what it was today in terms of development.

He explained that the course will help Tanzanians better manage projects dealing with gas, oil and minerals in the country. There are already some students who have started acquiring the knowledge offered at Mzumbe University’s Dar es Salaam campus.

For his part, Prof Wanderlei Marinho da Silva from ISAE said he was happy for the educational collaboration with Mzumbe University in offering the course.

“Brazil has managed to be where it is today because of managing its projects well,” he said. He said they were ready to make sure that their collaboration became a success for the good of the country. Mzumbe has promised to come up with more courses that will meet the demand of the country.

By Tanzania Daily News.

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