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Outreach Programme Seeks to Empower Youth Groups

THE government in conjunction with some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) organised an out-reach programme for youth groups targeted at teaching them entrepreneurship skills, to enable them engage in self-help projects and get out of poverty.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam during the official opening of the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) and launch of a book titled “Who are you dragging me?” the Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Dr Fenella Mukangara said the out reach programme for youth would address challenges, including that of negative mindset as well as develop life skills programme.

“The skills enable young people to have self-awareness, self confidence, be daring and ultimately make right decisions for their own prosperity and that of the nation at large,” she said.

Dr Mukangara added that self awareness of the youths should be in tandem with daring to utilise their talents to rid themselves from dependency and misleading mindsets of complaining without looking for solutions for bending down the environment, according to their needs.

According to Dr Mukangara, it is the right time for the youths to change their mindset so that the nation advances economically, saying that without having youths with strategic development plans, they will never assist their leaders in making sound decisions for future socio-economic development.

“May I take this opportunity to advise young people to take action in identifying the root cause for youth challenges. If it is the issue of unemployment, let’s try to explore for the best alternatives which can help us to overcome this challenge,” she said.

“My advice to you is that, start from now onwards to think of projects to engage, organise yourselves and form economic groups is the best way that can attract the government and other development partners to extend the needed support, “Dr Mukangara said.

The member for the IYF in Tanzania, Juliet Maganga from Kagera Region said they have learnt a lot through social interaction with various people from all walks of life.

“I’m not the same; I have gained a lot from this fellowship. I also encourage youths to join the volunteering groups such as IYF that gives us knowledge of life and learn many languages including Spanish, Korean and German,” she said.

The IYF, rooted in 80 countries all over the world, gives opportunities to young people to learn and interact with many races; they have camped here with 2,000 youth for five days. The IYF also camped in the country for the first time in 2008.

By Margreth Itala,

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