NGO Battles to Get Recognition

INNITO Development Novation, an initiative for sustainable development, claims that the Social Security Commission has deliberately denied them a development agency (DA) certificate which will help them register with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The DA certificate helps non-governmental organisations execute their projects and programmes under employment schemes and the SSC may also provide financial support to the NGOs who help create jobs for the socio-economically disadvantaged unemployed Namibians.

Christopher Beldon, manager of Innito, said he has been inquiring with SSC for the certificate for the past five years, but was told that they can not get one.

“The development fund does not want to consider my application for the DA certificate, causing the organisation not to apply for funds and I am a fully paid up member of SSC,” said Beldon.

The claims were however shot down by the SSC’s development fund manager, Olga Katjioungua.

“There are procedures to be followed, you can not just apply and expect to be granted the certificate. The applications are first screened and then we make recommendations,” she said.

Katjiuongua urged Beldon and other applicants to wait for the next window period in September 2013 to re-apply again.

The Social Security Commission claims officer Stanislaus Kudumo said they were also waiting for the new financial budget before accepting new applications.

“There is nothing that we can do now. People should just be patient until the next window period,” he said.

Beldon said the Ministry of Trade and Industry requires a certificate from the development fund in order for the organisation to be granted the incorporation certificate.

He said he needs the certificate to raise funds for his organisation.

This organisation is based in Gobabis and has been operating for the last five years.

By Hileni Nembwaya

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