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Medical Placement in Ghana

VPWA offers volunteers an opportunity to support local doctors and nurses at a medical practice in Ghana. The work ranges from observing doctors to basic assistance, depending on your level of knowledge, experience and skill. 

Access to basic healthcare is one of the most challenging issues that low-income populations face. Community level intervention and health clinics offer services to local families at minimal or no cost. With the introduction of a medical insurance in Ghana, attendance at these healthcare facilities has rocketed making additional support from volunteers indispensable. 
Working on health projects offers a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to become familiar with the health challenges facing developing countries. 

Working conditions are likely be quite different from those you are accustomed to. Medical equipment is often basic and the quantity and variety of medicines can be very limited.


Volunteers can help the centres by recording patient attendance, patient history, temperatures, performing patient examinations, providing pre-natal care, assisting in deliveries and educating patents and community groups on how to help prevent the diseases that most affect them.


People applying to be a health volunteer must be professionals in this field or alternatively students currently studying courses related to medicine.

If you planning to study medicine and want to gain some field experience, you can also apply for this position, although you must demonstrate strong commitment and competence. 

Services provided by the local hospitals and clinics include the following;

  • General Health Consulting
  • Child Welfare Clinic
  • Surgical Care
  • Family Planning
  • Nutritional Care
  • Cervix Care
  • Community Psychiatric clinic
  • Anti-Natal and Post-Natal Care.
  • Dental Clinic
There are also eight satellite community clinics within our programme which offer general health care. Most volunteers are likely to work within

these centres. On arrival in Ghana and after orientation by the Health Directorate, volunteers are dispersed to work in the communities within which their peculiar interest lies and where their skills are most needed.

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  1. Isaac Agyapong

    Please my name is Isaac Kwabena Agyapong . I have completed high and pass with aggregate 12 in Agricultural science . Am still in the house unemployed and my single mother to have no money to further my education.
    Am kindly requesting , if there is any vacancy available either cleaner , messenger , or any form of job that does not required high qualifications .I will be very grateful if you can find any place to fix me , so I can raise some monies to continue my education.
    Thank you.

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