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Request for Proposals: Democracy, Human Rights and Rule of Law in Sub-Saharan Africa

egrants_paint.gif;jsessionid=vL0TRgYLLnfDPBsnm2RsvyzjBjQ1yTNG8LQ2pjp2PTdknfGr22l8!864354876The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) announces a Request for Proposals from organizations interested in submitting proposals for projects that promote democracy, human rights, and rule of law in Africa.


PLEASE NOTE: DRL strongly urges applicants to access immediately or in order to obtain a username and password.  It may take two full weeks to register with 



DRL invites organizations to submit proposals outlining program concepts and capacity to manage projects targeting the following issues:


Kenya (approximately $700,000 available):  DRL’s goal is to strengthen accountability for past and ongoing election-related and politically motivated human rights abuses committed by security forces or others.  DRL seeks proposals that will: (1) strengthen civil society organizations’ (CSOs) ongoing efforts to address gaps in accountability; (2) facilitate constructive engagement of CSOs with the Government of Kenya to promote accountability; and (3) encourage the Government of Kenya to become more effective in addressing human rights abuses.  Competitive proposals will utilize existing mechanisms, such as the newly established International Crimes Division of the High Court, in program activities and will capitalize on networks within Kenyan civil society. Proposals are encouraged to focus at the local and/or community level where relevant.  Proposals may consider, but are not limited to, activities such as: monitoring judicial cases of politically motivated or security related human rights abuses; advocacy campaigns for improved government accountability; training for appropriate government officials; and capacity building for civil society organizations, including bar associations. Proposals should be designed with sufficient flexibility to permit the program to also address any significant human rights abuses that may be committed by security forces or others during the 2013 general elections, where appropriate.


Nigeria (approximately $500,000 available):  DRL’s goal is to address human rights abuses, especially as they relate to the security sector, including the police and military. DRL seeks proposals that will: (1) enable local civil society organizations to develop a framework to effectively monitor and document human rights abuses perpetrated by security forces through targeted training and (2) strengthen local non-governmental organizations’ capacity to engage and advise relevant government bodies, including but not limited to the National Human Rights Commission, on addressing those human rights abuses. Strong proposals will apply global and/or regional lessons learned and best practices as they relate to human rights monitoring. Proposals are encouraged to focus on at least two regions in Nigeria and must engage on, but not necessarily in, northern Nigeria.


Africa Regional, The Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa (Maputo Protocol) (approximately $750,000 available):  DRL’s goal is to advance women’s legal and political empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa through the incorporation of the Maputo Protocol (MP). Proposals are encouraged to address Article 8 of the MP: Access to Justice and Equal Protection before the law. Depending on the respective country situation, proposals could also focus on Articles that address the following: Elimination of discrimination against women; Right to life, integrity and security of the person; Right to Participation in Politics and Decision-Making; Protection of Women in Armed Conflicts; Widows’ Rights and Right to Inheritance; and Protection of Women with Disabilities. DRL seeks proposals that will support operationalizing those MP articles in at least two countries that have ratified the MP.


Proposals must:

  • Identify a select number of Sub-Saharan African countries that have ratified the MP where the project will work to support the operationalization of the MP. This selection should be based on a short-term review of existing research on the political will, capacity and/or progress in incorporating the MP. The review must identify existing gaps and challenges in the incorporation of the MP as well as best practices and lessons learned;
  • Demonstrate how the identified gaps and challenges from the review will be addressed in the project;
  • Include local bar associations, community leaders from rural areas, and women’s groups in project activities; and
  • Work with local civil society organizations that have an existing network.


Proposals may consider, but are not limited to, activities such as:

  • Targeted trainings, including on legal drafting, for governments, lawyers, paralegals, judges and/or local community leaders including women and men;
  • Advocacy and awareness raising initiatives on women’s rights targeted at the national and community level;
  • Provide legal support to advance women’s rights as they relate to the MP; and/or
  • Demonstrate linkages between the selected countries for this proposal.


Proposals are encouraged to include a cost-share in the form of pro bono legal support and incorporate local women’s rights groups as beneficiaries.


Sudan (approximately $1,000,000 available): DRL’s goal is to promote meaningful political participation among youth and other future leaders through civil society organizations (CSOs), including in the context of the 2015 elections. DRL seeks proposals to encourage the development of new and/or youth-focused Sudanese civil society organizations including, but not limited to, media, opposition political parties, and women’s rights groups to purposefully engage the Sudanese government, the public, and each other on relevant political issues and advocate for respect for freedoms of association and expression.


Activities must include intensive leadership development and mentoring and demonstrate tactics to create new and strengthen existing networks of democracy-focused CSOs across regional and cultural divides throughout Sudan. Activities must include methods for improving communication techniques between Sudanese organizations.  To the extent that the operational environment in Sudan is non-permissive, off-shore programming will be considered. Trainings that take into account cultural and linguistic linkages between Sudanese civil society and those in the Middle East and North Africa region could be explored. As appropriate, South Sudanese civil society representatives should also be considered in training opportunities. Subgrants to Sudanese organizations, if feasible, are encouraged and should include at least one group based outside of Khartoum.  Only programs of at least 24 months or longer will be eligible.


Zimbabwe (approximately $750,000 available):  DRL’s goal is to enhance civil society’s ability to foster a more democratic Zimbabwe that is responsive to citizens at the local level.  DRL seeks proposals with the objective to strengthen non-governmental organizations’ ability to advocate for improved government accountability, especially during instances of politically-motivated violence.  In addition to strengthening partner organizations’ core skills (including advocacy, strategic planning, and coalition building), proposals should also seek to improve these organizations’ capacity to monitor, document and verify human rights abuses within their own communities.  Proposals should demonstrate how program activities will lead to increased citizen participation in the democratic process, and methods of ensuring the protection of those who do participate. Partnering with organizations based outside of Harare and Bulawayo will be considered more competitive. Subgrants to local organizations, where feasible, are highly encouraged.


Unless otherwise noted, all proposed programs must be for at least 18 months in duration. Proposals must demonstrate awareness of similar USG-supported programming in a given country/region and how the proposed program would complement ongoing efforts.  Letters of support from potential subgrantees or program beneficiaries are recommended. Cost-sharing from non-USG funding sources is highly encouraged.



Technically eligible submissions are those which: 1) arrive electronically via or by March 15, 2013 before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST); 2) heed all instructions contained in the solicitation document and Proposal Submission Instructions (PSI), including length and completeness of submission; and 3) do not violate any of the guidelines stated in the solicitation and this document.

The information contained herein is to assist you as a general reference for completion of the proposal submission.  It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all of the material submitted in the grant application package is complete, accurate, and current. Please review the below Proposal Submission Instructions (PSI) in their entirety.  Should you have any questions that are not answered therein, or questions on the solicitation, please contact


The U.S. Department of State requires proposals be submitted electronically via or .

It is the responsibility of all applicants to ensure that proposals have been received by or in their entirety. DRL bears no responsibility for data errors resulting from transmission or conversion processes. Applications
All applicants are encouraged to submit applications via

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A valid DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number and CCR (Central Contractor Registration) are NOT required for submission of an initial application on If a project is selected for further funding stages, these will need to be obtained. Instructions for obtaining a DUNS number can be found at . Click “create user account” and sign up for an “individual account.” For help with, please call the Federal Service Desk at 866-606-8220.

Electronic applications submitted via must contain the SF-424 online forms (completed) and the SOI document (Project Narrative) specified in the application kit. No additional documents should be uploaded. The preferred document formats for the uploaded documents are .doc or .docx. Applicants should wait until the upload shows the status as “successful” before moving to the next part of the application kit.


  1. Am writing on behalf of Kinyamaseke Youth In Development in search for guidelines to submit a proposal.
    We are Youth organization found in Uganda and we would like to apply for funds to create awareness about Human rights promotion.
    Kindly advise.
    If you have other links for donors please be kind and inform us.
    Nzaghale Noah

  2. Etienne TCHIBOZO

    Nous sommes une organisation Non Gouvernemental et se trouve au Bénin et nous aimerions faire une demande de fonds pour sensibiliser sur la promotion des droits de l’homme.
    Veuillez nous aidez.
    Si vous avez d’autres liens pour les bailleurs de fonds s’il a nous en informer.
    Merci Etienne

  3. Dear Sir/Madam, how are you? Greetings from Mwanza Tanzania , we have local Non-profit Organization, register national Organization call CENTRE FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY get first registration 2004, register number is SO.12405 and secondary registration 2006, register number is OONGO.1721
    Our Organization dealing with Children/women/Youth, education and ICT currently we have two projects, one project provide free nursery school at Nyahishana local area at Nyakato ward, Mwanza, and we have small room for Internet café combine computer training at Nyamanoro ward- Ilemela District, we have eight desktop computers, we are provide teaching for cheaper fees for special local people not avoid high fees for other Computer training.also we try ask fund for starting online debate for local areas support youth, and general community knowing some news like health, school materials, but we are still waiting the answer
    After ready your information, we are ask partnership and adopt for your program here Mwanza and all Tanzania,
    We have so interesting starting libraries around the different areas here Tanzania after ready you information and advantage for libraries program around the community.
    Thanks alots
    welcome to Mwanza Tanzania
    Timothy Timanywa

    P.O.BOX 245, MWANZA
    Tel/Fax :- +255 28 2561057

  4. Christopher Misoya

    We are a registered organisation in Malawi. We are interested to be considered the opportunity to submit our proposal for women rights awareness. Our project would like to advocate for 50-50 representation in cabinet portfolios. Can we be considered?

    our full details are;
    Creative centre for Development Communications (CCDC)
    PO Box 31557
    Chichiri, Blantyre 3
    Cell: +265 999600990 0r 111600567

  5. Community Initiative for Social Empowerment (CISE) is a youth led local NGO established back in 2004. We got registered with Malawi government which gives us mandate to implement projects in central region. We are planning to implement a child protection program together with YAM, CYCP, Mchinji District Hospital, Social Welfare office and GICEHA. This is to request development partner to open up for us to submit our concept.
    Those willing to support the plight of chidren of Malawi through this consortium should contact us using either of the following contacts

    Halima Semu
    Community Initiative for Social Empowerment
    P.O. Box 196, Magawa Mchinji
    Malawi Central Africa
    Tel: +265111909333 | +265993333333
    E-mail: |

  6. sotery magazi

    We are in Tanzania how can we join you since we have a community Based Organization and we are on need with the grants from you?

  7. we are civil society organisation in operating in south sudan our major activities are human rights,water and sanitation and many more so we expect some grants to carry activities in south sudan.

    Kenyi Henry
    Executive Director

  8. Dear.
    Hekima is Youth-led organization, it was formed in 2010 and registered 2014.Located in Mwanza Tanzania.Our organization supporting marginalized (youth and children) in entrepreneurship, policy engagement, reproductive and maternal health and mental disorder to young people. We request to collaborate with your organization in Youths policy engagement,debate approaches to social change as well as develop strategies that will boost Hekima to meet of youth participation in decision making,in development issues. We are hope your organization will consider positively our request.
    Thanks Yours
    Majaliwa Chui

  9. Hesawa Foundation is a Duly Registered NGO in Uganda carrying Development Activities in N.E Part of the country interested to keep sharing information with other Development Partners in the sub-saharan region mostly in Uganda. We are therefore requesting to be included in Your Daily /Monthly updates to receive information on call of Proposals and up coming Grants for Africa mostly East Africa and Uganda In particular. We shall be grateful if considered.

  10. We are based in Zanzibar, Tanzania.
    Zanzibar Education Promotion and Information Centre (ZEPIC) is a non governmental organization based in Zanzibar. We are to provide education on human right, children right and civic education for citizens we will be happy to receive information on getting grants.



  11. we are an NGO working in albertne region of uganda in Bunyoro subregion working on influencing legal process, descisons and practices that promote transparency and accountability in the managemant and utilization of energy resources through access rights , citizen empowerment , research and networking for a common good . we have worked in areas affected by oil and gas in Buliisa and Hoima on issues of compensation, advocacy for land and property rights and environmental conservation. we gave us fruit trees in the albertine graben as on eof the activities . and therefore we are seeking for funding to implementing more activities on environmnetal conservartion for the albertine graben where many oil and gas activities will be taking place and will result into environmnetal degardation. The NGO is called AFIEGO

  12. AFIEGO can be reached through
    conatct Person Atusinguza Sandra

  13. Afro-Canadian Evenglical Mission is non profit and nongovernemntal Operating in South Sudan we are seeking funding for the program could you advice us on how to rich that?

  14. We are Uganda Scientists, Researchers and Allied Workers’ Union – USRAWU, based in Uganda promoting decent work and organizing Ugandan labour workforce to protect our social and economic development in a developing country. We also represent workers on various boards councils to negotiate with government to rise a good working conditions or environment to minimize export of labour to other countries for better remunerations.

  15. Dear Sir/Mad.,
    Salus Agenda is a registered NGO in Ghana. We combat corruption through campaign in schools and communities nationwide; we assist youth engaged in agriculture and agro-base industry;we fight and protect human right of Ghanaian underprivileged. We also promote education through building of schools in deprived areas and helping brilliant but poor students.

    Please we humbly seek your advice on how we could access grants and loans from donors in order to achieve our aims and goals.

    • Hi Salus,
      Thank you for your contact.

      In order to find Funding Opportunities you must:

      1. Register on the website (
      2. After, confirm your registration via mail received on your inbox, check as well the Spam box
      3. Login to the website (
      4. Access the database (
      5. Than, on the Search Box, type “Human rights” and you can add your country; or you can simply type the name of your country and see the opportunities. After the text box is filled just press Enter
      6. When you find an interesting opportunity just Click on the Link on the right and access to the respective Call / Grant website.

      I hope this elps you
      NNA Team

  16. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Our organization works in Togo in order to end child marriage. can we be considered?

  17. Dear sir/Madam,
    The Global Citizens Rights is a registered NGO in Ghana and our mission is to advocate human rights laws, election observers, electoral consultancy, promoting peace equal rights and justice for citizens whose rights have been abuse or violated as citizens of a country across the globe. We have realized in recent time that the issues of Human Trafficking and Slavery are increasing at a faster rate and they are having serious impacts on the victims that is why we wanted to organize constituency road show in our country about parental care and child abuse so as to fight against human trafficking and slavery in our country
    Please, we humbly seek your advice on how we could access grant and loans from donors in order to achieve our objectives.
    Hoping to hear favorably from you soon
    Best regards,
    Mathew Milla

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