New Gates Foundation grants

SEATTLE — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, through its Grand Challenges Explorations initiative, today announced over 100 new grants of US$100,000 each to support innovative global health and development proposals that have the potential to unlock transformative, life-saving solutions in the developing world. Additionally, the Gates Foundation announced additional funding of up to US$1 million each for six existing Grand Challenges Explorations projects to enable grantees to continue to advance their ideas towards global impact.

“Grand Challenges Explorations encourages individuals worldwide to expand the pipeline of ideas where creative, unorthodox thinking is most urgently needed,” said Chris Wilson, director of Global Health Discovery and Translational Sciences at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “We’re excited to provide additional funding for select grantees so that they can continue to advance their idea towards global impact.”

Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) offers scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs from around the world the opportunity to pursue unconventional ideas.

Examples of new Grand Challenges Explorations grants awarded include:

  • Hideaki Tsutsui of the University of California Riverside is seeking to develop a stamp to print biosensors directly on maize leaves to increase early detection of disease in crops.
  • Lilian Waiboci at the CDC in Kenya is working to develop a new technology to screen 21 pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that cause respiratory illnesses that will inform more effective treatments and potentially reduce the development of drug resistance.
  • Gregor Reid of the University of Western Ontario and the Lawson Health Research Institute in Canada with colleagues in Tanzania is testing if a yogurt supplemented with the Moringa plant can benefit under-nourished pregnant women by improving their breast milk quality and the types of bacteria present in their intestines.

Examples of Grand Challenge Explorations grants that are receiving continued funding include:

  • William Royea of Next Dimensions Technology, Inc., will further develop and test a prototype  breathalyzer device to identify active tuberculosis in patients  and to distinguish between various drug-resistant strains.
  • Yingjie Lu and Richard Malley of Children’s Hospital Boston successfully developed a bivalent pneumococcal and typhoid vaccine. With the additional funding they will perform proof-of-concept experiments that will provide support for the clinical development of the vaccin

Applications for the current open round, Grand Challenges Explorations Round 9, will be accepted through May 15, 2012.


  1. hi,need your partnership to nurture activities hereby attached brochure.we will appreciate your consideration.from kenya.

    Gabri is a registered Juakali Association under registrar of societies of Kenya Reg. No 33242 of 11th Nov 2010. The Association is based in Mogotio Township, Mogotio District of Baringo County. Its membership is drawn from all sub-sectors and sectors of micro-Juakali agribusiness, leadership and farming.

    Gabri- means G-green
    Ab- agribusiness
    R- rotary (Revolving )

    Vision: To be the lead on talent-skilled oriented production in market zones.

    Mission: To promote utilization of local community resources for sustainable and improved life dignity.

    Goals: To create entrepreneurial enabling society and provide a SMART production and market opportunity.

    Mandate: To promote, co-ordinates capacity building production and marketing partners through
    Linkages and Networking.

    Broad objectives
    *To alleviate poverty i.e. poverty reduction mechanisms established through micro-small Juakali enterprises, small scale farming, agribusiness (value addition) and talent-skilled utilization in order to create a platform ground for village societies who live below a dollar per day, to

    Participate in income generating activities (IGA’s), to Production zones hence improve living standard and boost the Village Vision GDP.

    *To establish learning and entrepreneurial culture in village rural through outreach programme on participation trainings, short certificate courses, curtailed courses for specific projects and village industralilization.
    *Development of research unit on community unutilized resource e.g algae, soil soda ash, arid sun Dunes, swamp rids

    Core values
     Meritocracy
     Commitment
     Honest and integrity
     Transparency and accountability
     Reliability
    Strategic approaches
     Lobbying, partnership and stakeholders
     Developing of components activities
     Local and global link
     Sensitization and awareness to entrepreneurial players
     Adoption of climate changes mechanisms
     Develop entrepreneurial training implementation culture

    Specific Activities
    i. Micro-Juakali enterprise – in sub –sector and sectors e.g. artisans, handcrafts,
    ii. Farming (sorghum, papaws ,mangoes, groundnuts, passion fruits value addition
    iii. Medicinal Herbs-Value addition (Aloe Vera, Honey)
    iv. Fish,Mushrooms,Bee farming-v addion
    v. Leather Development(Hides $ Skins)-cottage industry
    vi. Domestic Employment (home economic activities)
    vii. Stones -Gravel grinding including Tiles, Bricks
    viii. Improved jikos,charcoal fridge establishment
    ix. Food and Nutrition processing and fruits juices
    x. Green House establishment on Semi Arid/Arid horticultural/dry lands crops
    xi. Training(capacity building) of Village talent entrepreneurs for improved quality and quantity

    • Registrar of societies of Kenya
    • Ministry of industrialization-One Village One Product (OVOP).
    • Ministry of labour
    • Ministry of youth Affairs
    • Ministry of planning and National
    Development 2030 Vision
    • Egerton University
    • Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RVST)

    For more information contact.
    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/ Board Secretary
    Gabri Juakali Association – Mogotio Kelelwa Highway opposite ACK Church Mogotio
    P.O Box 180 -20105 Mogotio Kenya
    Tel + 254- 725408906/0728527800

  2. Sir, My organization has been able to develop a herbal medicine for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancers and other blood related diseases. we have gone through a lot of research and we are now at Food and Drugs Board in Ghana. We need funding for a further research. We expected support from a lot of institutions but we received nothing from anywhere. We want to know how you can help us to bring this noble and prestigious project to the international level. We need your help

  3. Grace Oluseyi jimoh

    I am home based care support person for people living with HIV and AIDS in Nigeria especially children, i take in children orphaned by Aids whose relative have rejected due to the stigma which is still very much in this part of the world. I support them to get treatment {ARV} feed, cloth,and their education. it is very difficult because of lack of funding as i have over 23 children and 42 are still on my waiting list, please help me to take care of these children their future may depend on your reply

  4. Aretech foundation needy children and widows for Anaemia Diagnosis, treatments, Preventions and Controls during pregnancy, Lactation, Old age and Infancy in Africa support/Sponsor our forthcoming programme to help the Educational need of the Less priviledge in Ambrose Alli University, september 14th, 2012. Be a blessings to them today.

  5. Point Five International is a non-governmental organization (NGO).
    Our aim is to provide education and other training so that the children could grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Our aim is that no child goes hungry, homeless, unschooled, unloved and no child remains sick. To ensure the needs of the children is taken care with the right teaching so that they can grow up to support themselves.

    We are looking for sponsorship to enable us to reach our Mission.

  6. wabwrie john baptist

    Hi, ork wit a local organization and we help young mothers to cope with life how possible can we creat a partnership.

  7. Harvest Grove Community Center located in Eldoret, Kenya is a project that assists the community to plant more fruits, herbal, indigenous and artifical trees in their farms and to build a community center to disseminate agricultural skills and provide health training programmes on bio-intensive agriculture and other skills associated with agriculture and also create a place to bring together the community members to co-operate in the village activities like celebrations.

    We are looking for sponsors to help us reach our mission and vision. For more contact HGCC:

  8. child laber boy

    my tristin grantin childlaber boys in school my mo no 9828864279

  9. We were approached by a company that have organized Elderly ones in Kogi State of Nigeria in order to provide them with medical assistance and care since they are not mobile, they need medical equipment to keep mobile within an area for their physical exercise.
    The organization, is seeking we introduce NGO that will collaborate with them to provide this medical humanitarian services to these number of Elderly ones growing with health limitations.
    We would like to find out if your foundation will be ready to open discussion so that we can introduce the organization in Kogi State of Nigeria, West Africa.
    You can reach me in:

  10. Dear Sir or Madam,
    “Getting From SHELTER”

    Welcome for work with us in Sundarban is the world biggest mangrove and largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world forest In Bangladesh with Wikipedia.
    Hakaluki Haor – Bangladesh is one of the Largest- Inland Freshwater wetland ecosystem Haor-in the World and another 2 Haor is Hail Haor & Tanguar Haor Bangladesh .

    SHELTER is a grassroots level Government register NGO from 2000 in Bangladesh and works in different fields as Research, Consultant, Human Right, Gender, Woman impairments ,Agricultures, Water & Sanitation, Health, Non formal & adult Education, Advocacy, VGD, IGA, Baseline Survey, Social works from different development sectors, underfunded and partnership with UNICEF, IOM, GIZ, JICA, wfp , Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Dhaka ,Government of Bangladesh, ITF UK, EVERGREEN UK, HOPE’87, ATSEC Bangladesh and Vulnerable Group Development (VGD-MDG-4) 2 programs under Department of Women Affairs (DWA)GOB and World Food Program (wfp) .

    SHELTER major focus is Environmental and Climate Chang programs under ITF UK and SHELTER Nursery SHELTER provide Tree and Plantation to the School, Mosque and Madrasa, Garboards, Shosanghat and poor people for donation and Road and Riverbank under partnership from GOB. SHELTER also provided NEEM (Medicine) TREES all 77 Union perished, 6 Pouroshova and 8 Upozilla complexes with DC Hobigonj District GOB. Also provide environment health & education.

    SHELTER also another major work in HIV/AIDS & Women and Child Trafficking programs under IOM & technical support from ATSEC Bangladesh. SHELTERS have good experiences of Trafficking programs under PPVHT-B Project with IOM partnership. SHELTER recently started an ORGANIC AGRO project as organic poultry, fishery, duckers, vegetable, agro forestry and cow firm project under SHELTER HOBIONJ PROJECT.

    SHELTER Networking Member of “CDM Watch Network” !NGO Forum Environment & Development, “SANDEE” The South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics, “GEF-NGO” Global Environment Facility, “BiD Network” statement at Netherlands Parliamentary Hearing Committee on development policy, “Susana Forum”, “PADOR” Potential Applicants Data Online Registration, SKF (U.K.), “GWA” Gender and Water Alliance, “Teach A Man To Fish” ,“ATSEC” Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children , “FNB” Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh, “BAPA” Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon,

    SHELTER have own Training Center from 2008 and continue .Provided skill development training IGA, ICT, sewing, poultries, fishery and other livelihood, small business and income generating training. SHELTER also have a Nursery wood, medicine, fruits, flower and other species plants 3 luck 20 thousand product capacity Project from 2007 and continue under Hobigonj projects.

    For kind information SHELTER have own land to the beautiful tea garden hill view area. We seeking partner for any social developments long trams innovative projects? Maybe this will have to mass your criteria and guideline after discus or corresponding with you we will submit proposal.

    We need your organization partnership work, networking member partner, volunteer partner for work with SHELTER. We also need INGO for jointly apply for deferent NGO Funding proposal for Bangladesh and for extend our programs and develop our organization performing and works under you or your organization in our country grassroots level on your behalf. If you agree then we will submit final proposal as par your criteria and guideline?

    I welcome you visit our organization and working fields at your convenient time. SHELTER will arrange all from your visit in Bangladesh. Please see our Sylhet Devesation profile in attachment. If you need any more information about us please write me any time.Hope your cooperation will be highly appraised.

    Thanks for your cooperation and wish you good luck.

    Best Regard,

    House No.103, 3rd Floor,
    Road No.13/A, Block No.C,
    Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.

     Please consider your environmental responsibility – think before you print!
    Reg.Partner Support for NGO works.

  11. KIHARE WILDLIFE IS A NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION AND WE WORKS in difference fields and Research Agriculture water climate changes for plantation of trees to the villages,schools and provide Enveronment heath and Education.
    We are looking for sponsorship to enable use to reach our mission.


  12. grant for research doing

  13. Abia state university medical students association

    We are medical students of Abia state university uturu in abia state,we celebrate the world aids day every 1dec of every year,by holding rallies around abs metropolis coming 1dec 2012 we will mark the world aids day by going on our usual rally and having symposia at the teaching hospital our focus is to help in sending the msg across ”getting to zerowhich remains the theme of the day,sensitizing youths on the need for abstinence and the use of prophylactic measures inorder to play safe,our usual requirement is 200 t-shirts,red ribbons, packets of condoms,van and band(we hire),refreshments,as well as resource persons if availableI.u can help us push this goal further …Anosike samuel…absumsa president 2012..07064222666

  14. A.Esther Jeya Rani

    I am the Regional Director of Inaian Council For Diabetic Care (India),an NGO dealing with diabetic affecting children, Women and Men in rural Tamil Nadu (India) .I would like to be considered in future for grant to achieve our set goals.

    Thank you



    My organization is using some combination of fruits to cure typhod disease which is killing a lot of people in Ghana.Is giving to people after laboratory test.The next test after taken the medicine prove cured,the person restore his/her health.
    My concern is;
    1.It needs approval from the food and drugs board,which needs to be tested in laboratory.
    2.How to prepare for long keeping,and
    3.It,should be registered with standard Board of drugs to be accepted in Ghana.
    We need assistant to safe life.Help.

  16. Mrs Betty Omomtayo Jaiyeoba

    How are you doing.
    Currently runs an oldage home in lieife Nigeria.
    Would need partnership with your reputable organisation for resources and expansion.
    Have a Blessed day.

  17. hi, the gates am ben i stated a new church in 20 villages in ghana am having about 3000 person orphans, widows, drop out from schools, hiv aids persons, places of worship for them is in a bad state , some die as a result we need the help of the gates, for these children to see a brighter future, thanks.

  18. Save Marginalized Children

    Save marginalized children (SMC).
    It is at infant stage, i idea of establishing SMC originated from my undergraduate research on Child Labour in Tanzania, I discovered that there are many children who need to supported spiritually, financially and socially. many children become the victim of HIV/AIDS, many children lack basic social services like education, health service, shelter and most of the are disadvantaged in on way or another. SMC is established to improve life of marginalized children. we are at initial stage of seeking registration, we have started the process of register SMC as Non Governmental Organization. we are in line seeking support from different partners in order to reach organizational goal.

  19. Save Marginalized Children

    Save marginalized children (SMC).
    It is at infant stage, i idea of establishing SMC originated from my undergraduate research on Child Labour in Tanzania, I discovered that there are many children who need to be supported spiritually, financially and socially. many children become the victim of HIV/AIDS, many children lack basic social services like education, health service, shelter and most of the are disadvantaged in on way or another. SMC is established to improve life of marginalized children. we are at initial stage of seeking registration, we have started the process of register SMC as Non Governmental Organization. we are in line seeking support from different partners in order to reach organizational goal.

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